About us

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, M & N BRUSHCO LTD has been utilizing its expert knowledge and understanding of the market to provide the right equipment for the customers needs. A progressive brush making plant was established in 1989 in Nicosia, Cyprus, after learning the art of brush making by an Italian manufacturer.

Having the minimum of equipment available, we began making brushes by hand, with a main goal to make quality product.

Nowadays, our goal remains unchanged. With the use of modern machinery we managed through an increasing production volume to sell our products beyond Cyprus, in Europe and Middle East. In addition to paint brushes and rollers, our product range covers a vast variety of high quality painting tools, scrapers, covering and protecting products, household and professional ladders, abrasives, tapes and even reinforcing waterproofing layers. All these, made to satisfy the needs of any professional or non professional painter.

With our commitment to service and quality, our customers can be certain that they will receive the best product in the market, on time, every time.